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Launch Day! The Day to Remember: July 4th Fireworks = Launch Day

We’ve made it! We have been working on this since November 2017. Today is the Fourth of July, which we all celebrate with friends and families for Independence Day.

This company's mission is to give the deaf community opportunities to share their skills and talent and we are giving the FREEDOM to everyone in this community! This is a great day to remember our official launch day: July 4th, 2018!

Mentoring a student how to become a network specialist

This picture was one of a great moment where the founder, Joshua Dalton, grabbed the opportunity to share his skills to his female student, who wanted to become a network specialist. He overcame this barrier and came up with a great idea by starting up this company to overcome the deaf communities' barriers and giving them opportunities to share their talents and skills.

Game Plan

First we are expanding our company by producing and selling our brand apparels, promoting our artists' works then starting a physical office and hiring deaf people. Our biggest dream, it will happen if you invest into our company by supporting us, is competing against all sport industries, such as Nike, Adidas, Reebok and more. Yes, we are not kidding! We already have a plan in next twenty-five years, and we are looking forward to be a first deaf sport industry that will compete against the hearing competitors. Please check our teaser video of our sporting industry below:

And, this is our official logo brand for the company. Our slogan is: "See The STRENGTH, Not The WEAKNESS." We know everyone have their own strengths and we want to emphasize that everyone to stop looking at the weaknesses and instantly put the barrier in front of us. We believe that everyone should give us the opportunities to show our strengths to achieve something and change the employers' perspective views on our community and hire more deaf people into their workplace.

This is our official logo brand!

We are giving back to our communities by selling our logo branded apparels. Every buy will benefit our community, just like the famous shoe company in Austin, Texas and the crazy sock company in Melville, New York.

You can purchase our logo branded shirts on our webpage: and we are giving away our launch day promo which will get $5 off when you buy any two shirts:


We are really excited to launch this company today!

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