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Network Infrastructure

Design, implement and support various network to help clients optimize network technology and enable high performance with security and quality of service in mind.







We can help you build and design the ideal network for your campus, business and office environment

Whether you need new network setup, network upgrade, or network troubleshooting, TRIBLU can assist you with your network support needs. 


We offer the following network infrastructure services:


  • Network Design, Implementation & Maintenance.

  • Wireless Access Point Setup (seamless wireless roaming).

  • Infrastructure Design.

  • Network Cabling.

  • VoIP Solutions.

  • LAN/WAN Implementation, Troubleshooting, and Maintenance.

  • Virtual Private Networks (VPN).

  • Network Analysis & Troubleshooting.

  • Router, Hub, Switch Configuration.

  • Internet Connectivity & Functionality.

  • Firewall Configuration.


We also provide and coordinate minor network wiring projects to accommodate business moves and changes. In addition to the network project management, we provide a variety of planning and coordinate resources for business planners, architects, and engineers in support of business construction activities. These resources include network project guidelines and management services, wiring and construction standards, and information on the physical network and cable equipment for installation. 

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