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Brian is a highly creative and multi-talented individual in in areas of graphic design.  He has been into graphic design since taking a course during his high school years as part of his vocational training.  Brian then went on to study at the National Technical Institute for the Deaf (NTID) where he received his degree in graphic arts.  Apart from graphic design, Brian has picked up on IT skills through 10+ years of experience in the telecommunications business including video relay service companies adhering to strict FCC regulations. 


Brian identifies himself as skilled in building excellent professional relationships with peers and clients and has an eagerness to produce high quality service and results and fulfill all project requests within strict deadlines. Brian is fervent when it comes to new technology, various graphic design software, computer, web and mobile applications and procedures.


Brian comes from Northern Virginia, and has lived in the Rochester, NY area since graduating from NTID in 1998.  He married his wife in the summer of 2000 and are currently raising 2 daughters (ages 15 and 12) and a son (age 4).  Brian enjoys riding his Harley, doing wood working projects and spending time with his family.

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