About the Company

About 87% of deaf people in the United States are jobless and struggling to find a good career due to discrimination and ignorant hearing companies. 


Based on the company's research, they learned that there are less than ten deaf people in the United States are Cisco certified, which is required to become a network engineer but this position does not require to interact with the customers. Not only this, this company also learned that there are many deaf talents in the film industry but only less than twenty of them have performed in the movie. Obviously, this is not fair. 


Joshua Dalton, the Founder, came to a brilliant idea by bringing the technology back alive in the deaf community by giving people opportunities to share their skills and talents. The mission of the company is to break down the barriers and prove to the world that the deaf community is able to work in any kind of careers. 


This company has five different phases for next twenty-five years that will transform the world and reduce the percentage of jobless deaf people in the United States. 


Please continue to support us as we will give back to our communities more than expected. Please feel free to check our profile by clicking on our team's picture on the right. 


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